Nature’s Creations – Natural Skin Care Products

Nature's Creations

Made in Australia

Against Animal Testing

A unique natural skin care range that really works

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Packed with Fruit Extracts
to Revitalise, Refresh & Hydrate

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Nature's Creations Luxury Moisturiser

Healing benefits with Colloidal Silver

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Nature's Creations
Cream Cleanser with Fruit Extracts

Refresh and Re-hydrate Naturally


Nature’s Creations

Natural Skin Care Products

At Nature’s Creations our innovative products are made from only the purest ingredients to create a completely natural skin care range. We have designed individually formulated skin care products that have a range of therapeutic grade Essential Oils, Herbal & Fruit Extracts, and Silk Protein, that can be easily absorbed and utilised by your skin.

We take our Nature’s Creations skin care range to a new level by adding Colloidal Silver and Marine Collagen to some products and Organic Australian Clay to some of the Luxury Moisturisers. Clay has wonderful healing properties and the ability to refine fine lines and tighten your pores.

Our other products have pure but not overly refined Fruit Extracts which are packed with Antioxidant properties. We add Silk Protein to most products which has a unique ability to hold and retain moisture in your skin while still allowing it to breathe, creating a hydrating yet light range of Moisturisers for everyday use. Our Nature’s Creations range uses a completely natural preservative, which keeps all of our products stable for two years.

We do not use the common harsh chemicals and compounds typically found in skin care products like Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Synthetic Colourings or fragrances, which sets our Nature’s Creations range apart from many other skin care products.

Nature’s Creations is against animal testing, our products are cruelty free.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We are Australian Owned and Operated, and our Organic and Natural ingredients are sourced from within Australia wherever possible.


Nature's Creations luxurious natural skin care range

After extensive research, finally the creation was born:

  • A complete and luxurious skin-care range
  • Made with 100% essential oils,
  • The finest herbal extracts,
  • Packed in attractive glass containers, and
  • Competitively priced.


Nature's Creations Luxurious & Natural Skin Care Range
Nature's Creations skin care products for Natural Beauty


Nature's Creations Moisturiser
Nature's Creations Cleanser
Nature's Creations Facial Mist


Nature's Creations Essential Oils
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