About Nature’s Creations

The study of natural therapies for a number of years has led me to the belief that Mother Nature has a cure for all ailments. Looking back through history we can witness cultures using the earths offerings to sustain their way of life. Many cultures today still use traditional medicines to treat ailments and, in more isolated cultures, we find the diseases which are on the increase in the West have not affected their culture or are in isolated cases.

Aromatherapy has had an enormous impact on my life. I am in awe that each Essential Oil, with its unique chemical signature, can have so many healing and beneficial effects on the whole body.

With the knowledge I have gained over the years I set myself a challenge to research the Essential Oils that would be beneficial for a unique skin care range. Much attention has been given to the effect individual essential oils have upon each other, creating a synergistic dynamism to the blend that could not be achieved by using one essential oil only.

I then took the formula one step further and added the finest herbal extracts, bio amino complexes, plant milks (vegetable proteins) and (in most products) added Vitamin E.

Ingredients have been sourced from within Australia where ever possible, and are chosen for their quality, the company’s reliability of supply and their ethical management ethos.

A unique natural skin care range that really works. Made in Australia. Against Animal Testing.